Getting married is exciting, there’s no doubt about it. Accepting the cost of everything, on the other hand, is not so exciting. And even though your dress should be the magical gown you’ve always been dreaming about, reality has a way of bringing your feet back to the ground. So if you find yourself desperately pleading with the wedding gods (Please let it go on sale…) here are three helpful tips to help you make that low-cost, off the rack dress look three times its price.

1.) Focus on fit. This tip works for virtually any article of clothing. A dress that hugs you in all the right places is going to look substantially more glamorous than any other dress not adjusted to meet your specific measurements. Ever seen someone wearing a spectacular dress and hear someone murmur that the dress looks to be wearing her? That’s often avoided with a perfect fit.

2.) Play with accessories.  Accessories often make the outfit, and a wedding is no different. Try out a beautiful hair piece like a vintage birdcage veil, a jeweled hairclip or even a large, stunning exotic flower. Adding a sash to coordinate your dress with the rest of your decorations is also a great idea. And if you have a short dress, think about wearing a playful, eye-catching pair of shoes.

3.) Don’t be afraid to personalize. Adding a personal touch to your dress will not only make it unique from all other brides that might wear the same dress, but it will also show off a part of your personality. Changing the sleeves slightly, or having it hemmed to a shorter length are all options in most bridal shops.

4.) Make the appropriate preparations. No matter how beautiful or how expensive a dress is, if it’s wrinkled it’s going to look as cheap as ever. If you’re wearing a used dress, make sure it is properly cleaned and steamed before your big day to ensure it looks like a million bucks.

5.) Don’t forget the details. Repairing a frayed hem or replacing a missing button do wonders to make a dress look fabulous, and the good news is it’s really not even that expensive! Examine your dress carefully for any small flaws and see what you have to do to fix them. In addition, if you see something that might be on its way out (a button that seems a bit loose, perhaps?) find out what it would cost to replace it before it falls off so you don’t have to deal with it should it disappear while you’re getting dressed to say your vows.