For many brides, the word “bridal” is basically synonymous with the word “sparkle”. After all, a bride should be absolutely glowing on her big day, and what’s a better way to stand out than to be dripping with diamonds and crystals?

Problem is though; sparkle not only often comes with a price, but it’s also very easy to have your look go from gorgeous to gaudy. Here are some ways to add sparkle to your outfit without looking ridiculous.

1.) Match your stones. For the most part, if you have crystals on your dress go for crystals on your accessories. If you’re wearing pearls on your dress, a pearl necklace may be the perfect touch. In many instances, fashion rules are made to be broken, but this is a rule that has stood the test of time.

2.) Balance. If your dress is clean and simple with little embellishment, feel free to be a little more over-the-top with your accessories. Even a remarkably low-key dress can be brought up a level with proper additions. Bracelets, necklaces, jeweled belts and fun hairpieces are all able to be worn with a clean cut dress.

In addition, make sure if your dress is on the ornate side (with an abundance of crystals, fabrics and materials), that you go for a more modest look with your trimmings.

3.) Comfort. Sparkle on your shoes may look divine, but if you’re having a hard time walking in them it’s not going to be a very enjoyable night. The same goes for any other part of your outfit. A jeweled belt is stunning, but make sure it won’t rub your arms raw after being worn for 8 hours. Your best bet is to try it out first. Wear everything around your house for a bit to see if you notice any problem spots.


4.) Texture. Decorated lingerie is sure to be a hit on your wedding night, but if it’s not agreeing with your dress (you can see the texture of the lace through the dress) maybe it’s a better idea to pack it in your suitcase and change into it later (for round 2, perhaps?). You want to present a smooth, flawless silhouette under your dress, which is why they make fantastic undergarments now specific for your wedding day.

5.) Quality. It’s important to know what you’re getting into. That tiara may be absolutely striking, and you may think you scored a great deal on it, but if the jewels are going to fall out or you’re going to be covered in glitter halfway through the night, it’s a waste of money. Adding sparkle to your look is a great idea, but if it doesn’t last much longer than the ceremony itself, it might feel like a let-down. Check the quality before you buy.