In this day and age, it’s all about eco-friendly. And why not? Green weddings, as it turns out, can be incredibly more convenient and cost-saving than traditional weddings, And if you really think about it, all it takes is just a few little adjustments to make sure you don’t end up paying for a lot of wasted food and energy.

1.) Buy local. The number one rule, by far, is to use local vendors. Since they don’t have to pay for shipping costs, their product is already better priced. And wouldn’t it feel better to be supporting your local community anyway?

2.) Get creative with the flowers. A few years ago, I attended my cousins wedding and found that her centerpieces weren’t made of cut flowers (read: expensive), but were instead various potted plants. At the end of the night, guests with a green thumb were invited to bring some home, while the ones she kept were planted in the front yard of the first home she and her new husband bought. She saved thousands on flower costs, and each year when the flowers in her front yard begin blooming she’s reminded of her wedding day.

However, if potted plants aren’t for you, talk to your local florist about recycling your flowers. Many varieties can be used again for another wedding, so instead of purchasing all the flowers, you actually only pay the price for renting them, which can be a huge cost-saver.


3.) Use candles for lighting. Candles are not only eco-friendly (especially soy candles, which are cleaner and longer burning), but they’re incredibly romantic. Just picture it now; you, looking deep into the eyes of the love of your life as you exchange vows in front of friends and family…all while bathed in the romantic glow of candlelight…yup, I think I’ve made my point.

4.) Go paperless. These days, there is nothing you can’t do over the internet. Invitations sent by email are not only a great money saver, but are also a much more convenient way to for people to RSVP and take a look at your gift registry. And that super expensive calligraphy you could never afford in real life? Online it’s available, and for no price hike whatsoever.

5.) Do good with your venue. Wedding venues are not cheap; we all know this. But sometimes, you can get a great deal if you decide to have your wedding at a place where the money can be going to the community. Instead of having your wedding at a generic location (a hotel conference hall, for example), think of having your special day at a local museum, art gallery, or wildlife refuge. The money will be going to something you love, and your guests will be able to enjoy the unique setting.