The Bar cost at a wedding reception can be very expensive. Lily’s Bridal has done some research for you to help save you money on The Bar and still have an amazing party.

1. Specialty cocktails will help stretch the pricey liquor. You can serve more martinis than vodka and cranberry.

2. You do need to have a champagne toast. It can be water or whatever else your guests are drinking.

3. Just have a beer and wine bar.

4. Serve beer cocktails. They are very tasty and less expensive.

5. BYOB – you can stock up on items at sales. Then bring them to your reception.

6. Use all purpose glassware. Having separate glasses for every type of drink can be costly if you are renting.

7.  Before refilling or tossing away beverages ask first, so you are not wasting refills or someone’s drink.

8. Instead of wine – server Sangria.

With these 8 simple tips you can cut your Bar bill down and still have an amazing reception.  CHEERS!